Perhaps the World’s Best Photoshoot Baby

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This was the shortest newborn session I have ever shot.This guy was perfectly sleepy, never needed to eat or have his diaper changed, and let me move and mold him any way I wanted. And these three photos are sure to be gorgeous in my Storytellers Gallery–a matted, framed three-photo sequence ready to hang on your wall.

PS–Don’t worry if your baby isn’t the best photoshoot baby. Most babies aren’t, and newborn shoots typically take around two hours. That’s OK!!! That’s what I plan for. But here are three tips to for a smoother newborn photoshoot:

1- Try to keep your baby awake before you come to the photoshoot. A great way to do this is to give them a nice, long bath before you arrive. They’ll be awake and clean. Then you can feed them, and they’ll probably fall asleep on the way to the studio and be sleepier throughout the shoot.

2- Bring a pacifier. Even if your little one doesn’t seem to like a pacifier, it can be a life-saver in a shoot. Those green ones they give you at the hospital are great. We’ll help your newborn into a position, let them suck on it until they settle, and then slip it out when we’re ready for the photo. It works!

3- And for you, be ready for my studio to be warm! I use a heater both for warmth and white noise. Newborns settle right down when they are all snuggly-warm and have that drone in the background. I’ve had parents realize they need a fan when they see how quickly the noise can quiet a newborn.

1 + 2 = 3 little girls

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I have been so blessed to be able to photograph multiple sets of twins over the years. It is a whole different ball game–trying to get both of them to sleep at the same time and not needing at least one of them to eat or have their diaper changed . . . and I’m just the photographer, not the mother or father!!! So much physical, mental, and emotional devotion to care for these new ones. But you can see the love in these parents’ eyes, and in big sister’s too. It’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done and your greatest joy all at the same time.

If images appear fuzzy, click on any image to view a full-size slide show.


K Family Twins ~ Heber City, Utah Infant Photographer

Babies, Families, Heber City Photographer, Infants, Park City Photographer

Oh-my-sweet-baby-girl-twins! The mom of these beautiful babies used to babysit for me when I had my first babies. How does time pass so quickly that now she has her own babies to kiss and my oldest is already up to my shoulders? Pictures matter! They change so quickly and at least for me, it’s hard to remember my own as tiny as this.¬†I love this next one because it looks like she’s trying to sign “I love you.”