Time to play catch up!

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I have abandoned my previous blog because I was informed by the site host that it had been corrupted so badly that I either needed to pay a load of money to get it cleaned up and secured again or just start over. So here I am, starting over. I haven’t added anything to the previous blog because I didn’t dare send anyone there for fear that their computer would be messed up somehow. Now it’s time to play catch up. I’ll be posting over the next few weeks all of the photoshoots that I’ve missed posting in the last 6 months.

I’ll start with this one: Brock Cannon, author and life coach. We headed over to Park City to get some great city-scape photos. Brock has an easy smile and, not gonna lie, is pretty easy on the eyes all around. He encourages everyone to “Live Your Raddest Life” on his website. Park City is a great place if you’re looking for more of a city look to your photos. There are fabulous walls, stair wells, bridges and more. Thanks Brock for letting me capture these “rad” photos for your website and business.

 If images appear fuzzy, click on any photo to see full-size images in a slideshow.

Brody Young

Business, Heber City Photographer


DSC_9607smallThis is my good friend Brody Young. We started working together as river guides based in Moab, Utah in the summer of 1999. He married another river guide, one of my closest friends down there, and I married a river guide, one of Brody’s closest friends down there. They are true friends–the best kind of friends anyone could hope to have.

You may know him by the name of Ranger Brody, and if you don’t, you should hear his story. In November 2010, Brody, a river ranger, was patrolling parking lots outside of Moab. Around 8 pm, he got to the Poison Spider trailhead parking lot and found a man in a car. He went to talk to the man so that he could direct him to an area where he could camp. The man had no ID and gave Brody what turned out to be a false name and birthdate. As Brody walked back to his truck to check it out, the man shot him in the back. Brody fought back, but was shot 9 times and nearly died in that parking lot. Thanks to amazing EMTs and God’s grace, Brody survived. You can read an article about his survival here: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/51849117-78/blood-cymbaluk-grand-moab.html.csp

I remember the first time visiting him in March 2011. He was hunched over, walked with shuffled steps, and was easily exhausted. But he was still Brody, ready to laugh–though it hurt to do so–and happy to see friends.

Today, Brody is doing great. He still works in the same department, and even still goes out on patrol. And now he is starting on a new adventure of public speaking, to share his story and the lessons he has learned with others. He really is an amazing guy. Happiness and kindness and gratitude flow out of him and affect anyone he meets.

I’m so glad he asked me to take his photos, and I can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes him and his family.