Sealing Day

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I felt so lucky to be asked to photograph this special day. This is my friend, Natalie, whom I’ve known since our days back in Iowa. We both moved there from Utah with our very little littles and felt far away from our families. After some tough years, she had this glorious day where she was sealed to her sweetheart, Chris. In the LDS faith, sealing is believed to continue relationships beyond this life. Look at those smiles! Pure joy–and totally overrides the fact that we shot these photos in 100-degree noon heat. I’m looking forward to summer, but maybe not that hot!

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John and Robin Wedding Reception

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I was asked by a good friend and photographer, Kailey Glauser, to be a second photographer at a wedding reception recently. Being a second is lots of fun because you just get to casually walk around and capture all the fun behind-the-scenes photos. I LOVE weddings–everyone is so happy and everything is so beautiful! I am finally at a stage with my kids that I can open my schedule up to weddings…so spread the word! I’d love to capture images like these for many more people! Please share my name and number with anyone getting married!

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This is my gorgeous sister and her three amazing and equally good-looking kids! We were at our family Christmas party back in December and she asked me if we could do a quick family shot since they were all dressed up. We snapped these moments before it was too dark. It was FREEZING!!  Like really freezing–maybe 10 degrees tops. They’re still smiling though, and I only had to tone down some red noses and ears in the last couple shots…thank you photoshop. 🙂

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Young Family ~ Heber City Family Photographer

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I don’t know exactly where to start to say how much I love these people. Brody and I started as river guides together in 1999. Wendy was already a guide and we were good friends by the end of the first training trip. They got hitched after that season, and then I married a river guide, then we lived within a few blocks of each other, then we had our first babies within months of each other. They are amazing people. Wendy is a swim coach and has set up a swimming scholarship to help kids excel in the sport. Brody was shot multiple times while working as a ranger and now, in addition to returning to full time duty, he works as a motivational speaker. You can read more about his story at Their three kids are some of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet.  I’m so lucky to call them friends and lucky that they asked me to take photos of their family.

Nelson Family

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I love Spring and when everything starts to turn green! Beautiful days always help with beautiful photos.  This is my brother’s family. I’ve had the opportunity to take their photos several times. In fact, they’re the cute family in the truck at the top of this website.  I really love this first photo of the kids. It might be my favorite from the shoot.

Growing Up

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Birthdays have come and gone for two of my four boys this year. I have a wall in my house where I always keep a close up birthday photo of each of my boys. Whenever I put in a new photo, I get to go through all of the old ones that I’ve kept in the frame over the years.  I had to change frames last month because two of them had seen better days. They had been glued back together after several falls. What can I say, I have boys and pictures don’t always stay on the walls with all the running, jumping, and throwing that goes on around here. The new frames don’t have room for the old pictures to stay hidden behind the newest one. It made me a little sad to think I won’t get to engage in my little ritual of flipping through the old photos from each year of their lives whenever it’s time to add a new photo. I’ll have to find a new way, to make a point of going through their photos because, wow, they grow up so quickly. Sometimes I find it hard to remember them being little. Thank heavens for cameras!

Moving From My Old Blog

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I’ve had less photo shoots recently because I’ve been busy with this little guy, my fourth boy. I like being a mom of 4 boys. Yes, I did cry a little at the ultrasound, and got especially choked up when I said to my husband, “I guess now we won’t have to sit through any boring dance recitals,” but he is wonderful and he loves his mama just like his brothers. I couldn’t ask for more.

The down time  has also given me a chance to create this new website. I’m pretty excited about it. It is much more functional than my old blog and I’ve learned a lot while designing it. I snagged some of my favorite photos from the past years and put them in the galleries, but I couldn’t fit them all. Great things to come!dsc_5002