Mommy and Me

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Motherhood photos sure tug at my heart. I love capturing the love true between a mom and her babies, young and old. I’m considering setting up a day of mom and me mini-sessions that include framed and printed image(s) ready for your wall. So watch for upcoming details on that because spaces will be limited. For now, just enjoy the sweetness here with one of my favorite repeat customers and her sweet three-year-old.

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Children, Heber City Photographer, Promotions

This little sweetheart was awakened from a too-short nap when she arrived at my studio. We caught her smile for a moment with her mama dancing behind me to Let It Go, and then she was done!! She would hardly look up at her mom, let alone me. So, like I mentioned in my last post, we went with it. We got some markers and paper and ended up with something sweet and intimate we might have otherwise missed.

Johnson Cuties

Children, Families, Heber City Photographer, Promotions

With child portraits, you can never be sure exactly what will happen when the kids arrive. You might end up with a very grumpy kid who, no matter how many bribes and promises her parents make, will not smile. So you work with it–you find ways to get them to look for just that split second you need to capture their eyes.  Or you might end up with a child who, in this unfamiliar situation, finds his fingers in his mouth very comforting. So you work with it–you get some photos of him sucking away at those fingers, and you snap photos in the split second when his mom makes him laugh and the fingers drop. And then, sometimes, the stars align and everything works out perfectly. The kids are happy, they enjoy being the center of attention, and they laugh at the silly things you say or do (like having their mom put a tractor on my head), and you capture stuff like this. These gorgeous kids made my job easy.

K Family

Babies, Children, Families, Heber City Photographer, Promotions

Another fun mini-session. These kids are sweet and happy and full of energy–just what you want your kids to be! It was hard to get them all in one spot at the same time, but it was worth it to get the sweet photos we did. And thank heavens for photoshop, because we had to hide the remnants of a bloody nose. Always exciting times taking photos of kids!